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Name:Es war einmal...
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You've found a book.

Where you've found it depends. The library? At the bottom of an old wooden trunk from an estate sale? Grandma's attic? The seat beside yours on the bus?

It doesn't matter. What does matter is that something about it draws your attention. You pick it up and run a hand over its blue-dyed leather cover, trace the silver thorns embossed along the edges. The spine and cover bear no title, but it hardly matters. You take it home with you because you know it's just the kind of book you want, just what you need. And after all, you can return it later. Right?

When you finally open the book, it falls open on an illustrated page. A detailed ink drawing of a solitary figure standing before a wall of thorns. Who is this person?

A wizard in flowing robes?

A knight in gleaming armor?

A princess in a tattered gown?

Or a wicked person, glorying in the thorns' presence?

Like the book's location, it depends.

As you look closely at the illustration, your sense of balance leaves you. You stagger, look down, and are met with a white void that soon surrounds you. The book snaps shut and disappears in a shower of sparks.

You black out.

When you come around, you're warm and safe, though your surroundings are unfamiliar. The old man on the wooden stool beside your bed seems to know your name, and says that you must have questions.

After all, they all have questions.
Welcome to Es War Einmal

Es War Einmal is a small panfandom game set in an idyllic (and stereotypical) fairy tale kingdom where strange tales are common place, mothers wish nothing more for their children then for them to be spirited away to find their fortunes and "adventurer" is a legitimate profession. But the kingdom is being threatened by a terrible evil; the Thorns that have come from the Unknown Lands that are steadily devouring the land and all that stand it their way. Immune to all efforts that the natives of this nameless kingdom have put forth, the King has had no other choice but to call upon his most powerful Mage to summon heroes from another world to battle the Thorns and save the kingdom!

But the King, though well liked, is useless, the Powerful Mage is a young boy, and the locals are far more interested in gossip and sending the heroes out on more immediate concerns like getting those pesky forest monsters to stop being so loud in the night and getting cats down from trees to worry about those Thorns. After all, the Thorns grow slowly and there are far more important things to be attended to, like getting their daughter or son to have the hand of an all important hero for the ball.

It isn't as if they know about the epic battle of Order and Chaos that's raging around them. That would take far more awareness than they can be bothered to cultivate and is a task that falls squarely on the shoulders of the heroes, who have the burden of being the only sane men and women in a kingdom of fools.

A mix of farce and serious fantasy, Einmal is a game that balances lighthearted fun with a complex and rich (if often cliched and trope-ridden) world that's utterly open for the characters to explore. Players are encouraged to form their own plots, prod at the NPCs, discover plotholes and dig around to uncover the things hidden away just out of sight.

Further information about Roles, Quests, applications and more can be found in the entries linked below. Please read the Rules and FAQ pages thoroughly before deciding to app.

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